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Barth Syndrome Registry & Repository

The Barth Syndrome Registry and Repository (BRR) stores information about individuals affected with Barth syndrome. Affected individuals or their family members can register for the BRR, consent to participate, and provide the following information on the affected individual: medical records, genetic test results, biological samples, demographic information, and responses to a battery of survey assessments (clinical information, quality of life, medical procedures, and family history).

The goal of the BRR is to build the natural history data on the disease and further the understanding of Barth syndrome.

If you would like to help us better understand the natural history of the disease and contribute your unique Barth syndrome experience, click the button below to enroll.

Why join the BRR?

Joining the BRR is easy. It takes only a few minutes to register your account. 

In addition to making your voice and story heard, registrants can also obtain:


Once you are enrolled in the registry and your information is confirmed, you can obtain a Research GUID ID card. This is your unique ID that will allow you to maximize your contributions to Barth syndrome science by allowing researchers to share your data amongst the scientific community, all while protecting your privacy. 



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